Courses Server Help

What it is

The courses server is running a commercial software package called nTreePoint from Unidigm Inc. It is a web portal application with some document management features. It also provides a hierarchal sections system and user forums.



nTreePoint provides a hierarchal section system. Under the main page, multiple sections can be created, each with their own owner. Each of these subsections can have subsections of their own with different owners. This allows for the course director to have a section under the main page for the course with the instructor for each class section to have their own subsection under the course section.

example: 74.101.
The course director for 74.101 would have control of the subsection 74.101. Under that, instructor 1 would have control of the subsection L01, instructor 2 control of subsection L02, etc. The structure would look like this:

User accounts

nTreePoint supports userids and groups, allowing for restrictions to be placed upon the sections.

Document Management

nTreePoint can store documents for retrieval. This can be used for course notes, handouts, etc.

Please note that you are requested to post a link to the Honesty Declaration form at and NOT to upload it to the courses server.


Each subsection can have its own forum where instructors, markers/demonstrators, and students can post and have questions raised or answered.

News and Events

Each subsection has news and events sections that can be used for course announcements and reminders.

Web Portal

When a user logs in, they can go to "My CS Courses" for a single page which contains all of the features they are subscribed to. This can include forum threads, news items, documents, etc. that the user has selected to watch.


Users can elect to have a digest sent to them every night which summarizes the threads and items that they have subscribed to.

Using the courses server

Use of the courses server for delivering course content online is voluntary. Those who wish to continue using the main department webserver at for their courses may continue to do so. This information is for those who wish to try out the new courses server. A test subsection has been created and is available for those who wish to try it out. Please contact Jeff if you want access to the test subsection.

Getting an instructor userid and password

If you do not currently have a userid and password for the courses server, then email Jeff Durston for an account. Your userid will be the same as your cs Unix userid.

Getting a subsection for your course

Subsections will only be created for course directors who request them. Upon receiving the request, a private subsection called (where xxx is the course number) will be created with the course director as owner. To request a subsection for your course, please email Jeff Durston with the course number.

Accounts for markers and demonstrators

If you want your markers and demonstrators to have userids on the server, then you must provide their first and last names, ccu Unix userids, and student numbers to Jeff or Heather. Please note which are markers and which are demonstrators.

Accounts for students

If you want your students to have userids on the server, then please let Jeff or Heather know. We will contact IST for a list student names, ccu Unix userids, and student numbers. Student accounts will normally be created during the second or third week of the term.


All userids belong to one of 4 main groups:
  • csadmin (administrators)
  • csprofs (instructors)
  • undergrad (undergraduate students)
  • markers (markers and demonstrators)

    Each course also has 5 groups created for it (in all cases XXX is the course number):

  • csXXX (all instructors, markers, demonstrators, and students)
  • csXXX_instructors
  • csXXX_markers
  • csXXX_demonstrators
  • csXXX_students

    Permission may be granted to a subsection based upon groups for ease of administration.

    End of term actions

    At the end of the term, the subsection for the course will be made private again. It will be renamed to[date] and remain on the server for future reference. The ownership of the section will not change, so if you do not wish to keep your old subsection online you may delete it. It is hoped that by keeping old sections available to other instructors online that a repository of knowledge about the courses may be created.