DB2 Administration Client Download

Note: The following instructions are for Windows 7 or earlier.
For Windows 10 download the Windows Data Studio Client
For Linux download the Linux Data Studio Client
Installation instructions for the Data Studio Client can be found here

1. Requirements:

Operating system:

  • Windows XP Professional, Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate


  • Minimum: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)

    Disk Space

  • Approximately 500 MB

    2. Get the client:

    Download the DB2 9.7 Administration Client 32 bit or 64 bit. It is approximately 350 MB in size.

    3. Install

  • Unzip the files to a directory and run setup.exe (note: in Windows Vista and 7 run as administrator). Select Install Products from the menu.
  • Select Install a Product
  • Under IBM Data Server Client Version 9.7 click Install New
  • click next
  • Accept the license terms after reading them.
  • Typical install is fine, otherwise pick custom
  • You can elect to create an install file but it is not necessary. Click next
  • The default directory will work, or you can install it somewhere else
  • If you are not running as an administrator you should enable Operating System Security
  • finish, wait while it installs

    4. Configure

    Add databases to the client:
    1. start the Configuration Assistant (Start - Programs - IBM DB2 - Set-up tools - Configuration Assistant).
    2. Select Add Database Using Wizard from the Selected menu
    3. select "manually configure a connection to a database". Click next.
    4. select TCP/IP protocol. Click next.
    5. host name is neptunium.cs.umanitoba.ca, port number is 50000, service name is blank. Click next.
    6. enter the database name. Click next.
    7. register the database for ODBC should be checked if you're using ODBC for database connections. Click next.
    8. operating system is Windows, instance name is DB2. Click next.
    9. system name is neptunium, host name is neptunium.cs.umanitoba.ca, Operating system is Windows. Click next.
    10. select "use authentication value in server's DBM configuration". Click finish.
    repeat if you wish to configure another database

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