Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server from Home

IST has blocked IP port 1433 at the firewall to the university campus due to high traffic volumes from past worms. This port is used by Microsoft SQL Server for incoming connections. Until recently, this prevented users from connecting to our departmental MS SQL Server from off campus. This has now been fixed by having the server listen for connections on two ports: 1433 for on campus connections, and 14330 for off campus connections.

To use the MS SQL Server client to connect to Uranium from home, do the following:

  1. Install the MS SQL client. This is on the same cd as MS SQL Server which may be checked out through the MSDN AA program.
  2. Start the Client Network Utility (Start - Programs - Microsoft SQL Server - Client Network Utility)
  3. Click on TCP/IP under "Enabled protocols by order" and then click on the properties button.

    Client Network Utility picture

  4. In the new window, change the default port from 1433 to 14330. Click OK.

    TCP/IP window picture

  5. Close the Client Network Utility by clicking OK.
  6. Open the Enterprise Manager (Start - Programs - Microsoft SQL Server - Enterprise Manager). Click on SQL Server Group.

  7. Click on Action and then NEW SQL Server Registration.

  8. Click on the checkbox for "From now on, I want to perform this task without using a wizard, then click Next.

  9. Fill in in the Server space. Click on "Use SQL Server authentication". Fill in your userid and click on the "Always prompt for login name and password" before clicking OK.

  10. Fill in your password and click connect.

  11. The server should now be registered for use.