The Computer Science Windows Lab FAQ

Where is the Cargill Lab?

The Cargill lab no longer exists under that name. The Windows Undergraduate Drop-In Lab is located in room E2-430 EITC.

I forgot my password or userid. Who can help me?

You need to talk to Jeff Durston in room E2-594 EITC.

Where should I save my files?

If they are your individual work, save them to the S drive in the folder that has the same name as your userid. This is a network drive and your files will be accessible from any computer in the lab.
If they are for group work, save them to \\plutonium\groups\\[course]\[group name]. Then your group members will be able to see them as well.

What is my group's URL?[course]/[group]
For instance, if you are in 74.435 in group number 4, your URL is

What is my personal URL?[userid]
For instance, if your userid is umxxx, your URL is
Note that this is the same directory that your S drive is mapped to.

I tried to FTP to, but I got a 530 error and can't log in. Why?

For some unknown reason, IIS only authenticates locally unless forced to authenticate to the domain. Instead of just using your userid, use the form compsci\userid. If that doesn't work than you may have problems with your account.

I FTP'ed to Plutonium, but now I only see 1 file. Where is my directory?

For some unknown reason, IIS does not show you the links to your directory.
Use the chdir command with the syntax: chdir undergrad
Now you should be able to see your directory. For your group directory, try: chdir groups.

I saved my files to the C (or D,E,F,G) drive(s), and now I can't find them. Where are they?

Any drive letter A to G is a local drive, available on that machine only. You should save your work to the network drives, S for individual work and W for group work. If you don't, they can be erased by someone else or even by the system. (Note: F drive is for temporary files only. Once you logout, you might not see them again)
Chances are your files are now destroyed. In the future, save to the network drives.

How much space can my files use on plutonium server?

There is now a quota system in place on the server. Undergrads are limited to 100 megabytes, and graduate students to 300 megabytes. Increases to these limits are rarely granted and only for demonstrated need for academic work.

Please submit any more questions to Jeff Durston