Computer Science Microsoft Windows Labs General Info

The Department of Computer Science has some personal computers running Windows available for use by its students. All of these machines are on the COMPSCI Domain and are currently running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2.

The Windows Undergraduate Drop-In Lab, room E2-430 EITC, contains 20 machines available for drop in use. There is a key punch code on the door. Please see your professor for the combo to the lab.

Room E2-450 EITC contains 25 machines (24 student and one demonstrator) that are used for structured labs. They are not available for drop in use.

Their are 3 Windows 2000 Servers:
  • Uranium - MS SQL Server 2000
  • Plutonium - file serve, IIS 5 (http and ftp)
  • Neptunium - DB2 8.1


    You qualify for a COMPSCI domain account if you are:
  • a faculty or staff member
  • a graduate student enrolled in the department
  • Undergrad accounts are only active during the term in which the course is run. They expire at the end of each term, and will be deleted. Graduate accounts are active as long as the student is enrolled.

    All accounts have a drive mapped to the S drive. This is your personal storage space on the server, and is backed up regularly. Saving to the local drives (C, E, and F) may result in lost data. Drive F is provided as temporary local disk space for work, but may be erased upon logout. For certain courses, your professor may place you in groups. If this happens, your group space can be found at \\plutonium\groups\[course]\[group number]

    Network storage space is limited by a quota system to prevent abuse of storage space.

    Computer Lab Usage Rules

    HTTP and FTP Facilities

    Plutonium server provides HTTP and FTP through Microsoft's IIS. Web pages may be served up from your directory, as follows:
  • Faculty and staff:[userid]
  • Graduate students:[userid]
  • Undergrad students:[userid]
  • Groups:[csXXX]/[groupnum]

    As well, you may FTP to to access your files. When prompted for your userid you MUST use the form "compsci\[userid]" (without the quotes). Also, after connecting, you will have to use the chdir command to change to the appropriate directory (staff, graduate, undergrad, groups).

    DB2 and MS SQL Server

    Databases are created for both course and research needs. All requests for databases must come from a faculty member and include:
  • who is to have access
  • how long the database is needed
  • what it will be used for (this is to predict the performance impact)

    Users are usually given complete administrative control of their database. You can connect using the DB2 Admin Client, available from the plutonium main web page. Your COMPSCI domain account is used for the userid and password for DB2.